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We are open to new ideas and solutions in marketing and distribution. As the experienced partner, we offer professional cooperation based on trust, qualified personel and knowledge about Polish market.

  • We are an experienced partnership in sales and marketing of international brands in Polish market. Our team includes professionals with long-term experience in customer and support service of product launching and its distribution.
  • As the expert in promoting and successful implementation of companies from different fields of industry, we have modern insight into needs of our clients.
  • We are looking for original and innovative business partners to establish a complex distribution of your products. Let us know, if you are interested in starting cooperation with us.



Yoomi is an award winning British nursery brand with a revolutionary self-warming technology designed to protect the essential nutrients in baby’s milk.Yoomi was created by parents who are familiar with baby feeding problems. They have found an ideal solution for quick and safety warming the breast milk or feeding baby on the go.


Mamajoo is a multi ranged company which offers products for babies and mothers. It was created as a response to the most basic needs of children and their parents. Their philosophy is to be an expert in delivering everything that is necessary for healthy and safety grown of your baby.


The basic skin care is something that is more important than having additional accessories or gadgets for babies. Ebebe brand protect the fragile skin of a baby against dryiness and irritiations in a natural way. It offers wet wipes packed in different size sets as well as breast pads for mothers with the lactation overflow.

Steri Bottle

Steri-bottle is a British well-known and renowned brand which offers disposable and sterile baby bottles for an immediate use. Every time and in every place, babies gain all advantages of bottle feeding in safe and hygenic way.

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